Markus Lanz – America unadorned

Markus Lanz travels to the USA to capture the mood of the population in the run-up to the presidential election. In personal conversations, he gets to know people from all over the country and all layers of society. With a rangefinder camera always at hand, Lanz records spontaneous encounters and surprising insights and his own personal images of America are incorporated in the documentary. The result is a multifaceted portrait of a country of limited and unlimited opportunities. A road movie that offers insights into the American soul.


BUCH UND REGIE: Silke Gondolf     KAMERA: Uri Shwartz und Klaus Sturm     TON: Alexander Marshall und Richard Fleming     SCHNITT: Martin Kayser-Landwehr     FARBKORREKTUR: Dany Schelby     MUSIK: Paul Rabiger SCHNITTASSISTENZ: Rafal Bujoczek   MITARBEIT: Niklas Moller und Sabrina Baltes     ARCHIVRECHERCHE: Lutz Pinkert     LINE PRODUCER USA: Christian Tempich    PRODUKTIONSLEITUNG GRUPPE 5: Svenja Wolter   REDAKTION ZDF: Susanne Krummacher