Markus Lanz – Germany

Discussions about unity and law and home

Globalisation, digitalisation and shifting values are transforming our society. Are our concerns justified or is our fear exaggerated? How do Germans see their country, and more importantly, how do they live in their country? Why is the term “home country” suddenly so topical again, across so many parties? And what does home actually mean today? Travelling through Germany, Markus Lanz takes a closer look at questions like these. He visits different regions and meets people with very different biographies and life stories – in the Ruhr region, Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania, Berlin-Kreuzberg and in Upper Bavaria. We find out more about subjects such as structural change and de-industrialisation, migration and integration, nationalism and parallel societies, but we also look at questions about tradition and opportunities for the future.


BUCH UND REGIE: Silke Gondolf     KAMERA: Ole Jürgens    TON:  Steven Gülzow         SCHNITT: Andreas Wüstefeld      AUFNAHMELEITUNG:  Raik Zepuntke     SCHNITTASSISTENZ: Rafal Bujoczek     REDAKTION ZDF: Susanne Krummacher