The Europe Saga

with Christopher Clark

“Europe is not a place, it’s an idea,” concluded philosopher and journalist Bernhard-Henri Lévy. Strictly speaking, Europe is not a continent, it’s an appendage of Asia.
In its 2500-year history, Europe has been influenced by many different, often conflicting ideas. Today, 60 years after the signing of the Treaties of Rome, our notions of Europe are being called into question once again.
Where does Europe begin? Where does it end? What unites us Europeans – and what divides us? With these questions in mind, Australian historian Sir Christoper Clark embarks on a journey across the continent to find out more about the “Europe Saga”.

Part 1: Where we come from – Who we are
Part 2: What we believe in – What we think
Part 3: What drives us – What we take
Part 4: What we create – What we accomplish
Part 5: What unites us – What divides us
Part 6: Where we stand – What we have left