Erlebnis Erde – Alexander Gerst on Expedition

With Alexander Gerst, we document the state of our blue planet – with breathtaking photos from space and on expeditions on Earth. In the ice worlds at the North and South Pole, on the super volcanoes of Kamchatka and in the depths of the oceans, the astronaut and geophysicist shows their uniqueness and diversity. But he also observes the rapid consequences of climate change and how we humans are endangering the only home we have. He accompanies current research projects that analyse the earth system and shows measures for its protection.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Luise Wagner, Lars Abromeit     CAMERA: Alexander Gerst, Jonas Sichert     EDITOR: Jonas Sichert     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Kai Henkel (SWR), Anne Holländer (SWR), Martin Schneider (SWR)