Terra X: Fascination of Water

Episode 1: Sea Gardens In The Indian Ocean

Even today, there are still white spots on the map – for example, the Chagos Archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean, part of the world’s largest coral atoll. Uli Kunz accompanies an international expedition of scientists to the tropical islands and coral reefs. The region is a huge marine national park, no one is allowed to fish here. This is one of the reasons why the underwater world is more diverse and colorful than in almost any other place in the world. Humans have never settled on many of the islands – to this day they belong to the palm thief, one of the largest crabs in the world, and enormous bird colonies. More than 1,500 kilometers from the nearest continent, researchers are searching for answers to crucial questions: How do coral reefs function where there is hardly any human influence? What species are found here: in the water and on land? How do such pristine ecosystems differ from the islands and reefs where the researchers otherwise work? And what are the consequences of climate change even in such a remote island paradise?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Claudia Ruby     PRESENTER: Uli Kunz     CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang         UNDERWATER-CAMERA: Christian Howe         EDITOR: Fabian Reisch         MUSIC: Paul Rabiger         COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Ricarda Schlosshan (ZDF), Marita Hübinger (ARTE)