About us

We realize quality-conscious TV documentaries and series on big and small questions of history/contemporary history, science, nature and society. With new TV formats and unusual stylistic devices, we tell complicated issues in an understandable way – and thus successfully generate insights even into complex topics. Our productions are informative, ambitious and surprising.

The multifaceted nature of the documentary genre is reflected in the diversity of our documentary work: be it in the docudrama AI – The last invention (ZDF) or the Grand Accord Film Napoleon – Metternich (ARTE), the impressive contributions for the Terra X series, such as Germany in … with Mirko Drotschmann, or a three-part story Who owns the world.

New scientific perspectives and exciting findings are the focus of our productions Terra X, Lesch’s Cosmos, nano and pur+. Additionally, we produce current and sensitive reportages, such as Sweden – unadorned, our seventh collaboration with Markus Lanz. Alexander “Astro-Alex” Gerst takes us on an expedition in Erlebnis Erde (SWR/ARD) and Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen goes On the trail of the seven deadly sins (ZDF). In the last years we were awarded the German Television Prize twice: in 2019 for The Journey of Mankind in the category ‘Documentary Multi-Part’ and 2020 again for Director Entertainment of Our Treasures – The Great Terra X Show, a co-production with Riverside Entertainment. Four more episodes of the hit format are in production for 2021.

Throughout the year we also stage classic studio productions with Maybrit Illner and The Literary Quartet.

The company was founded in 1990 and has its headquarter in Cologne, with two branches in Hamburg and Berlin. Alexander Hesse and Stefan Schneider lead our creative team that has grown over many years and constantly renews itself.