About us

Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion realizes quality-conscious TV documentaries and series on large and small questions of history/contemporary history, science, nature and society. With innovative TV formats and unusual stylistic devices, we tell complicated things simply – and thus successfully generate insights even into complex topics. Our productions are informative, sophisticated and surprising.

The multifaceted nature of the documentary genre in general is reflected in the diversity of our documentary work, from pure documentary to reportage to docu-drama.

New scientific perspectives and exciting findings are the focus of our productions for the formats Terra X, Leschs Kosmos and scobel. Or are presented in an entertaining way in the hybrid-format science quiz of the Große Terra X-Show as well as the Terra X-Show Kids.

Throughout the year, we also stage classic studio productions with maybrit illner, scobel and the Literary Quartet.

Founded in 1990, the company is headquartered in Cologne, with two branches in Berlin and Hamburg. Alexander Hesse and Stefan Schneider lead a creative team that has grown over many years, is experienced and also constantly renewing itself.

We are Gruppe 5

Vasco V. Ochoa


Alexandra Hamann

CGI Designer

Stefan Schneider

Managing Director

Marie Lopez

People & Culture

Marie Wilbers


Susanne Seibert

Executive Assistant

Sarah Struẞ

Production Manager Talk (Office Berlin)

Lando “Calrissian” Hansen

Simone Betz

Production Manager

Christoph Sagert

Mastering & Grading

Rico Pappi


Leonard Claus

Writer, Director

Lutz Pinkert

Archive Producer

Anne Sanchez Mostacero

Room Attendant

Sylvia Breitstadt-Nendel

Unit Manager Talk (Office Berlin)

Darius Bernstein


Sandra Klösges

Writer, Producer, Director

Matthias Gerstl

Archive Producer

Valentina Adames

Sustainability Manager

Marius Kimmel


Agnès Padrol Sureda


Sabine Bier

Writer, Producer, Director

Matthias Klamfuẞ

Archive Producer

Matthias Steinbauer

Production Manager Show

Solveig Hansen

Managing Archive Producer

Kevyn Goncalves

Archive Producer

Lida Martel

Unit Manager (Office Hamburg)

Martin Becker

Executive Producer

Ingrid Wagner


Florian Oesterreich

Editorial Assistant

Christopher Heuer

Production Assistant

Hannah Knierim

Production Assistant Talk

Hannah Krüger

Production Assistant

Boris Wilbers

Jan Beckhaus

Sound Engineer

Kathrin Dupps


Markus Neumann

Mastering & Grading

Alexander Hesse

Managing Director

Sebastian Martinez

CGI Designer

Sabine Eisner

Production Manager

Svenja Wolter

Production Manager

Lisann Schmeing


Dr. Daniel Sich

Executive Producer

Alla Shchyhlovska

Assistant Editor

Eva Schötteldreier

Writer, Producer, Director

Karin Schubert

Executive Producer Show (Office Hamburg)

Linda Brzoska

Student Trainee

Rike Taubert-Petry

Accountant Assistant

Julian Hess

Production Assistant

Kim Helberg

Junior Show Producer (Office Hamburg)

Johannes Langfermann

Student Trainee

Kirsten Leuchter

Back Office

Ulla Sebus


Silke Peinsipp

Writer, Producer, Director

Sarah Hamzei

Line Producer

Jens Dülker

1st Unit Manager

Darie de Decker


Daniel Sonnenschein

Sound Designer

Julian Balducci

CGI Designer

Igor Wilbers

Editing Supervisor

Judith Schippers

Production Manager Talk

Cornelia Stier


Leo Adass