Expedition to New Horizons

Mit Alexander Gerst ins All

Alexander Gerst is the first German Commander of the International Space Station ISS. The film accompanies him during his two-year training period and the exciting months of his mission “Horizons”. The experiments currently being carried out on the ISS are providing valuable insights that will make it possible to penetrate further into outer space.

The moon, closely followed by Mars, are within reach of mankind. But how can astronauts travel and ultimately survive there? The next manned expedition to the moon is planned for 2020, and Alexander Gerst also dreams of being able to personally enter the Earth’s satellite.

Gerst’s stay on the ISS is affected by an unexpected challenge. After a Soyuz rocket failed to launch on 11 October, the three-man crew was left alone at the space station for several weeks. A new crew has since arrived on the ISS, and Alexander Gerst and his two colleagues are expected to return to Earth on 20 December 2018.