Napoleon – Metternich:

The beginning of the end

On 26 June 1813, the French Emperor Napoleon and the Austrian Foreign Minister Metternich meet in the magnificent Marcolini Palace in Dresden for a verbal duel that will decide the future of Europe. It could have been the beginning of an unprecedented Franco-German alliance, a foundation for a future Europe. But the negotiations fail. Napoleon misses this historic opportunity and pays for it with the loss of his empire. We tell the story of this fateful encounter that changed the course of history.

An Grand Accord film by ZDF/ARTE, ARTE France and ARTE G.E.I.E. on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death.


WRITER: Mathieu Schwartz DIRECTOR: Christian Twente, Matthieu Schwartz CAMERAMAN: Martin Christ EDITOR: Raphaël Bourdelon SOUND: Thomas van Pottelberge PRODUCTION DESIGN: Anne Delepoulle COSTUME DESIGNER: Guillaume Villette MUSIC: Olivier Depardon COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Marita Hübinger (ZDF/Arte), Peter Allenbacher (ZDF/Arte), Hélène Coldefy (Arte France), Laurent Filliung (Arte G.E.I.E.)

In Co-production with TSVP, Paris