My Summer…

Summer is the time of great freedom for children and adults. Changes from hectic to relaxing, from the blazing sun to the shade, from the city to nature – everyone wants to get outside to cool off. But yet people continue working, doing sports and holding celebrations. We capture the rhythm of a summer’s day in North Rhine-Westphalia with extreme slow motion, special timelapse shots and drone flights.

We see the land from anew, in breathtaking pictures as never seen. North Rhine-Westphalia is an astonishing backdrop that allows us to discover stories. A kaleidoscope, summed up for our most beautiful day in summer, from sunrise until deep into the night.


WRITER AND DIRECTOR: Eva Schötteldreier     CAMERAMAN: Adnane Korchyou     EDITOR: Martin Kayser-Landwehr     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Thomas Kamp (WDR), Adrian Lehnigk (WDR)