Terra X – Germany’s cities

with Harald Lesch

We only have to look at a map to see how densely populated Germany is. No country in Europe has so many cities. What makes cities so fascinating – and why has this been the case for over 2000 years? Harald Lesch, universal thinker, takes a closer look at these success stories and discovers some astonishing answers.

Part 1: Power and wealth
In the Middle Ages, Germany experienced an urban revolution: over 2000 towns, most of them small, evolved in a period of just 250 years. We explain the myths surrounding their foundation and explain their rise.

Part 2: Pomp and circumstance
For many years, we did not have one outstanding capital city like London or Paris. Germany was a country of small states – and every ruler created his own royal seat as a reflection of his power. We have this demonstration of wealth and power to thank today for our most beautiful cities.

Part 3: Progress and hardship
Dramatic stories illustrate the rise and fall or our industrial cities, of the struggle for survival and the search for a new identity.