The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth – Checking facts with Petra Gerster

It is the dramatic end of a unique life. In April, A.D. 30, the itinerant preacher Jesus of Nazareth arrived in Jerusalem. Upon entry into the city, he was immediately celebrated by the people as the Messiah. The self-acclaimed reformer caused another sensation by spectacularly expelling the money-changers from the temple district. A calculated provocation against the High Council of the Jews?

Who was to blame for Jesus’ death? On a fact-finding mission, Petra Gerster re-opens the “trial of Jesus of Nazareth”. The ZDF presenter searches for clues at the scene of the crime, meets experts, and reviews circumstantial evidence. What is true and what is legend in the world’s most spectacular legal drama? Was Jesus given a proper trial? What was the mysterious Barabbas episode all about? And could the Roman governor Pontius Pilate rightfully wash his hands in innocence, as recorded by the evangelist Matthew?