37° Fight Johnny, fight!

A year-long struggle for survival

This long-term observation tells the remarkable story of a determined young man’s struggle for survival. His personal philosophy: “You have to fight, it’s not over yet”.
Johnny is a sportsman through and through. He has already survived cancer twice. The first time at the age of only 12. It was a tough fight, but he pulled through. And he is determined to encourage others in similar situations. Together with his old tennis friend Andrea Petkovic, he launched a fundraising campaign and sells armbands with his motto “You have to fight, it’s not over yet.” He’s already raised € 45,000.

When he returned to hospital again in February 2013 after being diagnosed with cancer for the third time, Johnny had to embrace his personal motto all over again. From this moment on, “37 Grad” accompanies Johnny, and documents his struggle to overcome the illness, cope with the ordeal of chemotherapy and mobilise new resources once again.