37 GRAD – No time for tears

Parents of children with cancer

When your own child gets the diagnosis of cancer your family’s life will be turned upside down. Treatment often takes years, and the outcome is uncertain, despite ever better treatment methods. 37 Grad tells the story of two families.
Leonie (16) has had cancer since 2016. Despite operations and various therapies, her cancer returns. Where does Leonie get her strength from and what gives the rest of her family strength?
Fabio (7) suddenly had severe neck pain – and after visiting the doctor he was diagnosed with leukemia. A catastrophe for the entire family. Why our child of all people? This question torments his parents.
An exceptional situation for families – and often there is no time for tears.
For one year, 37 Grad accompanies two parents who want to give their children a chance to have a normal life, to show them that life is good after chemotherapies, moments of fear and hope. Even if on some days they don’t believe in this themselves as parents.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Anabel Münstermann     CAMERA: Vita Spieß, Harald Schmuck, Mirko Schernickau, Kai Diezemann    EDITOR: Konrad Kierstein      MUSIC: Mathias Rehfeldt      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Brigitte Klos (ZDF)