37 Grad – Taking a Break from the Ratrace

Recharge your batteries, take time out, try something new. Lots of people dream of doing this, but only a few employees actually have the courage to take a sabbatical, or an extended break from work. Our three protagonists take the plunge! Monique ventures into the unknown with her new boyfriend, a parachutist, and joins him on a world tour. Dieter leaves behind his teaching responsibilities to circumnavigate the world in his boat. And Sabrina takes a break from her stressful job as a nurse to spend the summer on an alm in the Austrian Alps. What obstacles and difficulties do they have to overcome? Do they manage to return to their everyday routines? And how does the sabbatical change their lives?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Marianne Schäfer-Trench     CAMERA: Clemens Boecker     EDITOR: Stefan Kolbe     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Michael Petsch