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Presented by Vivian Perkovic

It is high time for the energy transition – away from fossil fuels to renewable energies, if only to slow down global warming. At the moment, too little is happening for some – which is why the protests of the climate protection movement are becoming increasingly urgent and radical.
Climate protection is a mammoth task that will be expensive, but it is not insoluble. The money is there, and so is the technology. All we really have to do is turn a few screws. But how do we get society to support this task? How do we get the doubters on board? How can we manage to get used to a more sustainable lifestyle in the long term without having to cut back on our standard of living?
Vivian Perkovic discusses all this with her guests: conflict researcher Andreas Zick, professor of media psychology Maren Urner and climate protection activist Pauline Brünger.

“A show of strength for our climate – ways out of the state of emergency” see:

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