Breathing is the most fundamental desire of all living beings. Every person takes around 20,000 breaths a day – automatically and usually without thinking about it. But the more hectic and breathless life becomes, the more important it is to switch off this autopilot. Breathing is much more than just taking a breath.

Who protects our lungs from the everyday dangers in the air we breathe? Why are just six breaths per minute the key to a relaxed and healthy life? What happens when you hold your breath for minutes at a time and what does it feel like to breathe at the highest point on earth?

Follow your next breath on a fascinating journey and uncover the secrets of an ability without which life would not be.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Sandra Klösges     CAMERA: Jonas Sichert, Marcus Lenz, Nino Leitner, Mathias Zscheile EDITOR: Marie Wilbers     SOUND: Matthias Kreitschmann, Florian Milz, Chrissi Vogt     NARRATOR: Hildegard Meier     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Marita Hübinger (Arte)