ZDFzoom: China, Trump and Corona

The WHO between the fronts

For Donald Trump there is no doubt who is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of corona infected people in the USA: China and the WHO. In Trump’s eyes, the World Health Organization has “messed up”. Worse, it has “covered up” the threat, he even states it behaved like the PR agency of China. Even if these claims lack any evidence, the voices of those who are dissatisfied with the WHO’s actions at the beginning of the Corona crisis are growing. Zoom inquires: Did the WHO react too late?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christian Buckard, Daniel Guthmann     CAMERA: Matthias Bähr, Steffen Bohn, Michael Geier, Adnane Korchyou     EDITOR: Claudia Spoden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Hildegard Buder-Monath (ZDF)