ZDFzeit: Corona – A view from above

Nature and Men in Lockdown

“ZDFzeit” takes a special look at Germany in the spring of 2020, using helicopters and drones to approach beautiful places and difficult everyday life in Corona times. May it be the flower island of Mainau in its lonely splendor of blossoms, the glass Porsche factory in Leipzig where the assembly lines are standing still, or the empty beaches of Usedom – “Corona – A View from Above” looks from a bird’s eye view at a country between lockdown and loosening.


WRITER: Daniel Sich, Sahar Eslah     DIRECTOR: Francesca D’Amicis, Silke Gondolf, Luise Wagner, Julia Lösch, Martin Becker     CAMERA: André Götzmann, Jonas Sichert, Daniel Zenzipér, Johannes Kaczmarczyk, Samir Saad, Robert Schäffer, Pablo Gollmer Hidalgo, Jens Schade, Ricardo Garzon Mesa     EDITOR: Agnès Padrol Sureda, Jonas Sichert     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Biggi Seybold (ZDF), Heike Schnaar (ZDF)