The Vietnam War

Faces of a Tragedy

The war in Vietnam was one of the bloodiest and cruellest wars in history. Millions of Vietnamese were killed, most of the victims were civilians. There were indiscriminate murders, bestial tortures, cities were shot in ruins, whole regions were poisoned permanently.

America also had to pay its price: To this day, the veterans have not let go of the trauma of this war. Many could not find their way back to life committed suicide. More than just those who died in the war.

From afar the world took part. It was the first war that reached the living rooms of the world with its shocking pictures. Every day you could watch on television how the highly armed world power America waged its brutal war of annihilation against the small, largely unknown country of Vietnam. And finally lost. It was to be the first and last war in which journalists and photographers were allowed to participate.

Vehement protests were the result, above all in the USA and Europe. There were injured and dead, the societies were facing a crucial test. An entire generation refused to accept the conventional norms and laws.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christel Fomm     CAMERA: Dieter Stürmer     EDITOR: Jessica Ehlebracht     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Thomas Kamp (WDR), Dr. Katja Wildermuth (MDR), Gabriele Trost (SWR)