Expedition to New Horizons

With Alexander Gerst into Space

Alexander Gerst is the first German commander of the International Space Station ISS. The film accompanies the two-year training and the exciting months of the “Horizons” mission. The current experiments on the ISS provide insights that will enable us to venture further into space. After the moon, Mars is also within reach for mankind. But how can astronauts get there and survive? The next manned journey to the moon is already planned, and Alexander Gerst also dreams of being able to set foot on the Earth’s satellite in person.


BUCH & REGIE: Luise Wagner     KAMERA & SCHNITT: Jonas Sichert     TON: Maike Simon, Simone Hartmann     SPRECHER: Sascha Rotermund  MUSIK: Jens Hafemann     REDAKTION: Friederike Haedecke (ZDF)