Fit, not lazy – How sports makes you healthy

The first steps towards the dance floor are the hardest. And yet, after a short time, two people who rely on walking aids in their everyday lives glide across the dance floor. They are using a true miracle cure that is supposed to help against Parkinson’s, dementia and cancer: Exercise. Dancing, swimming, jogging & Co as a universal medicine against all kinds of diseases? Until now, the rule has been: if you’re sick, take it easy. But doctors are increasingly prescribing targeted exercise therapy instead of bed rest. Can sports really replace medication or even surgery? In our documentary, we investigate how great the power of exercise really is.

WRITER: Christine Voges     DIRECTOR: Christine Voges     CAMERA: Adnane Korchyou     EDITOR: Jens Greuner     MUSIC: Markus Lehmann-Horn     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Christine Haak / 3sat Nicole Schleider, Katharina Finger