Florian Schroeder means business

Searching for evil

The state of emergency is the new normality. We feel permanently threatened, by a maniac with blow-dried hair in the West, a maniac without hair in the East, and more recently by an invisible killer virus. The world is coming to an end every day – shouting has replaced talking, those who are not among the good ones belong to the bad ones.

But what is the “evil” anyway?

Florian Schroeder goes on a search for clues and is 24 hours on the heels of “evil”.


WRITER: Eva Schötteldreier, Sandra Klösges     DIRECTOR: Eva Schötteldreier    CAMERA:  Adnane Korchyou EDITOR: Fabian Reisch      NARRATOR: Florian Schroeder      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Wolfgang Aull (3sat)