Germany’s Great Political Scandals

Spying, informing, bribing: Light is finally shed on some of the old Federal Republic’s last secrets.

Members of parliament bought by the Stasi, the “Lockheed” bribery scandals, the secret donors of long-time chancellor and CDU chairman Helmut Kohl, or the secret liaisons of Helmut Schmidt and Franz Josef Strauß − ZDF History showcases some of the scandals that have rocked Germany. Major tragedies, love and betrayal, false promises and secrets. How did the media and public react? Why did it take so long for some scandals to be disclosed?

As the Federal Republic of Germany turns 70, ZDF-History takes a look at the great political scandals that shook the divided and united Germany.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christel Fomm, Eva Schötteldreier     CAMERA: Olaf Jürgens, Dieter Stürmer     EDITOR: Claudia Spoden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Winfried Laasch (ZDF)