Heimatflimmern: The green visionary

Adenauer’s gardens

“Green for all”. Konrad Adenauer not only demanded it, he created it in Cologne as mayor with the „Grüngürtel“, the green belt. And in Rhöndorf, the passionate gardener dug, planted and harvested in his own garden. He had one foot in the flowerbed and the other in politics. When it came to the environment and nature, he was a Green long before the word existed. Politically, however, the founding chancellor of the Federal Republic remained a CDU-“black“.


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend     DIRECTOR: Christel Fomm CAMERA: Roland Breitschuh, Jörg Adams     EDITOR: Igor Garbuzenko     SOUND: Ralf Gromann, Timo Höft     NARRATOR: Simon Roden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Maik Bialk (WDR), Dorothee Pitz (WDR)