Helping Hands

Journey to charity

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” – it says in the Bible. But what exactly is meant by that? What does “giving” actually feel like? Three people want to find out and set off on a journey to a small Italian village in Calabria. Kristin, Gerhard and Philine learn in the various projects what it means to provide active support. At the beginning still foreign and uncertain themselves, the group from Germany quickly becomes part of a cosmopolitan and international community. They gain insights into human fates that they otherwise only know from the news. Stories of fear and death, but also of love and hope go deep into the soul and move the three seekers of meaning. After a month of living charity, their views have changed, friendships have been made and insights gained. For Kristin, Gerhard and Philine it is clear that this journey of self-awareness will leave lasting traces.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Susanne Bohlmann     CAMERA: Anna Baranowski, Susanne Bohlmann, Nicola Maccanetti, Mike Finn, Andreas Grote, Markus Stoffel     EDITOR: Agnès Padrol Sureda     SOUND: Christoph Schnüll, Noah Dümichen, Jacob Vay, Max Kuhler     MUSIC: Martin Fliegenschmidt     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Catherine Bralant (ZDF), Reinold Hartmann (ZDF)