A matter of life and death

History of Hygiene

Hygiene is as old as our civilisation, but every era sets its own standards. Whether private or public cleanliness – everywhere and at all times it is shaped by cultural conventions, political ideologies and economic interests.  Hygiene has also always been a question of power and control.

“A Matter of Life and Death – History of Hygiene” promises a varied panorama with well-founded amusing and spicy facts: A world between plague and the scent of flowers, between cleaners and feudal stench.


WRITER: Claudia Spoden, Christian Feyerabend     DIRECTOR: Claudia Spoden, Christel Fomm    CAMERA:  Jörg Adams, Steffen Bohn, Ole Jürgens, Niklas Winter, Roman Schlaack       EDITOR: Claudia Spoden       COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Marita Hübinger (ZDF)