Home advantage – with Tommi Schmitt

After three disastrous tournaments and the fall from grace in Qatar, the German national team is at rock bottom. The European Championships will soon begin in their own country. The goal: to organize a comeback “Sommermärchen”! Reconcile with the fans! Win the title!

One fan will be following the road to EURO 2024 closely – author, presenter and podcaster Tommi Schmitt. How will the players cope with the pressure of expectation? How does a new winning spirit get into the team? What needs to happen to become the feared tournament team again? To find out, Tommi Schmitt accompanies three national team players on their way to the European Championship. We get insights and impressions of our heroes on their journey to the top event with home advantage. Tommi Schmitt has met Niclas Füllkrug, Robin Gosens and Marc ter Stegen several times over the last 9 months.



WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christian Twente, Leonard Claus   CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang, Martin Christ, Leo Adass, Oliver Lumpe     EDITOR: Rafal Bujoczek     SOUND: Guy Mertin, Mathias Onken, Malte Weitkamp, Jan Beckhaus, Diego Pedragosa, Victor Marin Fernandez, Leo Adass, Oliver Lumpe, Christoph Schnüll, Carsten Kremer, Markus Ruf     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Paul Wolff (ZDF), Daniel Nemetschek (ZDF), Manuel Bienefeld (ZDF)