How’s it going, Europe? – The big candidate check

2024 we ask: “How’s it going, Europe?”. The leading German candidates from the European political groups will be answering questions from the public and our presenters Dunja Hayali and Mitri Sirin. We want to know what their answers are to the big questions of our time and what vision they have for Europe. What solutions do the parties have for the economy and foreign policy, illegal migration, agricultural policy and climate protection and how do they want to preserve democracy in the EU?

Our guests are:

Manfred Weber, CSU
Katarina Barley, SPD
Terry Reintke, Die Grünen
Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, FDP
Martin Schirdewan, Die Linke
Hildegard Bentle, CDU
Fabio de Masi, BSW
Maximilian Krah, AfD


PRESENTER: Dunja Hayali, Mitri Sirin     PRODUCER: Anne Rück     EDITOR SHOW: Carolin Riethmüller, Martin Urschel     EDITOR CLIPS: Lisann Schmeing    DIRECTOR: Martin Keiffenheim   COMMISSIONING EDITOR ZDF: Gert Anhalt, René Mahler