Johannes Kepler

Shooting for the Stars

With his discovery of the three “Kepler laws” he revolutionised the thinking about space and time – and became a co-founder of modern science. His successes, however, were overshadowed by countless challenges, strokes of fate and entanglements.

Our docudrama depicts Johannes Kepler’s time in Prague as a life in a permanent state of emergency – and how his astronomical pioneering work continues to work today.


WRITER: Susanne Utzt     DIRECTOR: Christian Twente     CAST: Christoph Bach (Johannes Kepler), Heiko Pinkowski (Tycho Brahe), Ben Janssen (Matthias Seiffart), Frederik Bott (Frans Tengnagel), Peter Brownbill (Jeppe), Daniel Noël Fleischmann (Johannes Eriksen), Lena Drieschner (Barbara Kepler), Michael Sideris (Kaiser Rudolf)     CASTING: Marc Schötteldreier     CAMERA: Martin Christ     SOUND: Christian Späth     PRODUCTION DESIGN: Benedikt Herré     COSTUME DESIGN: Jutta Krämer     EDITOR: Josef van Ooyen     MUSIC: Claude Chalhoub    PRODUCER: Daniel Sich   COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Imogen Nabel, Gerolf Karwath (SWR), Andrea Bräu (BR)