Lesch’s Cosmos – Dead End Concrete

The Search for Alternatives

The construction sector is growing at an unprecedented pace, with forecasts predicting that 230 billion square meters of new buildings will be constructed worldwide by 2060. The problem is that the construction sector contributes to a large extent to the heating up of the climate. Global cement production alone generates three times as much CO2 as global air traffic. The motto for the future is therefore: away from steel and concrete, and towards other, more sustainable and less climate-damaging building materials! The good news: They exist, the alternatives for a new climate-friendly, sustainable building: innovative concepts that allow working with a fraction of the previous amount of concrete; traditional building materials such as wood or clay that are being rediscovered as new high-tech materials thanks to consistent digitalization. Or even completely new concepts that radically rethink building with biogenic fibers.


WRITER: Jakob Kneser, Francesca D‘Amicis     REGIE: Francesca D’Amicis, Jakob Kneser, Leonard Claus     CAMERA: Marc Hennicke, Marcel Ijzerman, Salvatore Lucchese, Alfredo Milano, Samir Saad, Achim Seck, Chris Valentien, Daniel Zenziper     EDITOR: Fabian Reisch     SOUND: Dennis Gross, Simone Hartmann, Aaron Malmsheimer, Marcel Schmidt     NARRATOR: Gert Heidenreich     MUSIC: Carsten Rocker     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Hanna Kotarba (ZDF), Christiane Götz-Sobel (ZDF)