Lesch’s Cosmos – Fake or Fact

How truth falls into bad ways

While the world is experiencing one of the biggest crises of the new millennium, conspiracy ideologies are on the rise. Some consider Corona to be a biological weapon, a gigantic lie by governments or an instrument of the pharmaceutical industry. In the course of the so-called health demonstrations, hippies, ‘Reich citizens’ and opponents of vaccination demonstrate side by side. Myths about the corona virus, chemtrails or climate change are booming. Where do they come from, why do people believe them – and who benefits from these conspiracy theories? Harald Lesch explores why it is apparently so easy to believe in conspiracy theories – and what makes it so difficult to counter them with facts.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Tamar Baumgarten     CAMERA: Jörg Adams    EDITOR: Alina Krischke    COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Christiane Götz-Sobel (ZDF), Tobias Schultes (ZDF), Christina Schrader (ZDF)