Gaddafi's bloody legacy

It has been ten years since Libya’s dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi was killed. Since then, the country has been torn apart by civil war: a decade of turmoil and violence – sparked by a NATO operation at the urging of Gaddafi’s former allies in Europe. And as militias and warlords fight for power in what was once Africa’s richest country, major international powers seek to protect their economic interests. But how can the conflict in Libya be resolved? And how can the EU stand by silently during this proxy war on its own doorstep?

In co-production with GA&A


WRITER: Emiliano Sacchetti, Constanza Spocci     DIRECTOR & CAMERA: Emiliano Sacchetti     EDITOR: Piero Sassandro      SOUND: Frank Rousselle     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Türkân Schirmer (ARTE), Jochen Leibig (ZDFinfo)