Markus Lanz – America unadorned

The election of Joe Biden as the new US president gave many Americans new hope for a better life. But one year after his inauguration, the disillusionment is great. The fact that the “American Dream” does not really exist had already become a painful realization for many US citizens. Worn out and weary from the strains of a still-unchecked Corona pandemic, many U.S. citizens are realizing that the biggest economic and social changes are yet to come. A nation that has long suppressed climate change is now feeling the harbingers.
After 2016 and 2017, Markus Lanz travels to the USA for a third time, to post-Trump America, to talk to people about their wishes and dreams, about their future and fears for the future.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Silke Gondolf     CAMERA: James Stolz, Zoran Draculic (NY)     EDITOR: Andreas Wüstefeld     SOUND: Matthias Kreitschmann, Alexander Marshall (NY)     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Stefan Bayerl (ZDF), Henning Brekenkamp (ZDF)