Markus Lanz: Ukraine

Living with the war

Ukraine has been fighting for its survival since February 24, 2022. Fear, anxiety, despair and hardship define people’s everyday lives, while at the same time they show tremendous courage and an unprecedented will to persevere.

In an impressive tour of Ukraine, Markus Lanz and author Silke Gondolf describe how Ukrainian society has learned to live with the war and not give up hope for peace and freedom. The documentary takes them along the cities of Lviv, Kiev, Irpin, Butsha, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Silke Gondolf     CAMERA: René Dame    EDITOR: Andreas Wüstefeld     SOUND: Alexander Pohl     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Henning Brekenkamp (ZDF), Stefan Bayerl (ZDF)