Moments in history

With 100 short special event and explanatory films, we look back at the era of the Germanic peoples. A historic foray into 2000 years of German history. The films take us from the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest to the coronation of Otto the Great, the Crusades and into the 19th century. They highlight such turning points as the Defenestration of Prague, the revolution of 1848 and the foundation of the German Empire in 1871. The film chapters focus on such important historical characters as Frederick Barbarossa, Martin Luther and Sophie Scholl and offer viewers answers to fundamental questions in history. The project is being produced for multi-media, cross-programme and cross-platform use at ZDF.

Some of the 100 films will be combined in 45-minute documentaries on ZDFinfo:

TURNING POINTS IN HISTORY I: From Clovis’ baptism to the manifest of the peasants
TURNING POINTS IN HISTORY II: From the Defenestration of Prague to the foundation of the German Empire
WHAT’S WHAT? HISTORY I: From the knights to the witch hunts
WHAT’S WHAT? HISTORY II: From the Reformation to the world empire of the Germans
GREAT CHARACTERS I: From Herman the Cheruscan to Charles IV.
GREAT CHARACTERS II: From Martin Luther to Queen Louise
GREAT CHARACTERS III: From Heinrich Heine to Sophie Scholl
GREAT BATTLES: From the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest to Verdun