My hardest journey

A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

The Way of St. James – A journey to oneself. In six weeks, five men and women, who have never met before, pilgrimage together over 800 kilometres to the “end of the world”.
Anikó, Carsten, Michael, Brigitte and Monika come from the most different life situations and they have their own reasons to make the journey.
All of them in the same outdoor clothes, without make-up and with all their belongings on their backs, there is no status anymore – no comfort zone.
Not everyone makes it to the end. Again and again the group is tested for cohesion. Conflicts are inevitable. Everyone has a different pace.
Due to the physical and mental strains, all masks quickly fall. The facades can no longer be maintained. The pilgrims talk about fear, love and death.
They walk, eat and sleep together – every day. They share joy and sorrow and the struggle with their own bodies.


WRITER AND DIRECTOR: Susanne Bohlmann CAMERA: Anna Baranowski, Susanne Bohlmann, Jochen Schmoll EDITOR: Agnès Padrol-Sureda MUSIC: Martin Fliegenschmidt COMISSIONING EDITOR: Reinhold Hartmann (ZDF)