The Way of St. James

The French Way of St. James – the Camino Francés, is one of the most popular and historically significant pilgrimage routes in the world. Three women, two men and a dog meet in the French Basque Country to walk together the more than 800km to Santiago de Compostela and on to Finisterre. Through a variety of vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, they walk from the Pyrenees through picturesque villages, enchanted forests and endless expanses to the coast of Galicia. Along the way, the culinary and cultural offerings of the individual Spanish regions are not neglected.
In the period of six weeks they reach their physical as well as mental limits. Past quaint chapels, historic churches and exciting life stories along the way, the group defies ups and downs, wind and weather. In the end it is clear – the Camino gives you what you need, not what you are looking for.