Napoleon – Metternich:

The beginning of the end

Dresden, June 26, 1813: For almost nine hours, Metternich and Napoleon fought a duel of words. For the French ruler, everything is at stake. He has conquered almost all of Europe. But his defeat in Russia makes him vulnerable. Either Napoleon accepts Metternich’s peace plan – or Austria switches to the camp of his opponents.

An Grand Accord film by ZDF/ARTE, ARTE France and ARTE G.E.I.E. on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death.


WRITER: Mathieu Schwartz DIRECTOR: Christian Twente, Matthieu Schwartz CAMERA: Martin Christ EDITOR: Raphaël Bourdelon SOUND: Thomas van Pottelberge PRODUCTION DESIGN: Anne Delepoulle COSTUME DESIGNER: Guillaume Villette MUSIC: Olivier Depardon PRODUCER: Daniel Sich COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Marita Hübinger (ZDF/Arte), Peter Allenbacher (ZDF/Arte), Hélène Coldefy (Arte France), Laurent Filliung (Arte G.E.I.E.)

In Co-production with TSVP, Paris