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We live in a digital world. We google, email and text, and with every “bing,” our brains are rewarded with dopamine. We need to be online – always and everywhere. But what happens when we switch off? Five men and women dare to conduct an analog experiment. On the Greek island of Lipsi, Mario, Svenja, Heino, Jasminka and Caro go through a digital detox and quickly discover that the detox brings out feelings and thoughts that previously had no place.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Susanne Bohlmann     CAMERA: Anna Baranowski, Susanne Bohlmann, Johanna Menschner, Samir Saad, Dudi Dorham     EDITOR: Agnès Padrol Sureda     SOUND: Juri Beythien     NARRATOR: Tanja Lipinski     MUSIC: Martin Fliegenschmidt     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Reinold Hartmann (ZDF)