New Home, Foreign Country

ZDFzoom about Refugees in Germany

Around one million people came to Germany in 2015/2016. They have determined political debate like no other subject – and continue to do so today. But although they were still very present in our cities and on the news two years ago, they now seem to have virtually disappeared.
The Zoom report sets out in search of refugees who came to Germany two years ago. What is their situation today? How well have they integrated into German society? Moving personal stories are supplemented in the film by statistics and analyses from migration researchers. The overall picture they produce underlines the conditions migrants need if they are to settle and integrate into German society.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Katja Nellissen     CAMERA: Samir Saad     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers     SOUND: Marcel Schmidt     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Paul Amberg (ZDF), Markus Wenniges (ZDF)