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1,700 years of Jewish life in Germany

In 321, a Roman decree mentions a Jewish community on German territory for the first time. The commemorative year 2021 is an occasion to turn our attention to German Jews and our shared history. In the 90-minute documentary, Presenterin Susan Sideropoulos makes a journey through 1,700 years of German-Jewish history and thus on the traces of her own ancestors. It is a journey across Germany to the most important sites of Jewish history. The people she meets along the way also make Jewish life in today’s Germany emotionally tangible.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Nina Koshofer, Allon Sander     CAMERA: Marc Riemer, Hans Jakobi, Peter Trinks EDITOR: Alina Krischke, Andreas Fennel     SOUND: Daniel Theo Giesen, Christoph Mohr     NARRATOR: Susan Sideropoulos     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Mathias Werth (WDR), Sabine Mieder (HR)