Step by Step

Pilgrimage along the Luther Trail

A group of five men and women are setting out together in this special year. Borders had been closed and curfews imposed, the right time for a pilgrimage along Germany’s beautiful, historic hiking trails. The 600 kilometre Luther Trail is one of the most impressive spiritual hiking trails in Germany and leads our group from Thuringia via Hessen to Rhineland-Palatinate.

Our pilgrims have very different backgrounds and want to master the track together. The interesting sights, the beauty of nature and the people the group meets along the way are just as important as the pilgrims’ inner processes.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Susanne Bohlmann     CAMERA: Anna Baranowski, Susanne Bohlmann    EDITOR:  Agnès Padrol Sureda        COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Reinold Hartmann (ZDF)