Terra X: A case for Lesch and Steffens

The weather makers

Household names in Germany, Harald Lesch has been explaining the universe and important and trivial aspects of life to us for years, while intrepid explorer Dirk Steffens travels the world for Terra X, always in search of new challenges.

This time, we experience Lesch and Steffens in a whole new way. Appearing together for the first time, they embark on a sometimes tongue-in-cheek adventure and reveal previously unknown sides to the characters. Will they succeed in changing the weather? And if they do, how?


WRITER: Tamar Baumgarten-Noort, Tobias Schultes     DIRECTOR: Stefan Schneider     CAMERA: Christopher Rowe, Martin Christ, Thomas Bianga, Adnane Korchyou     EDITOR: Fabian Wienke, Maria Zimmermann, Christoph Sagert      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Christiane Götz-Söbel (ZDF)