Terra X: The Mystery of the Trojan Horse

The history of the Trojan horse is probably one of the most famous stories ever told. A gigantic wooden horse is loaded with Greek soldiers and presented to the Trojans as a gift. Unsuspecting, they swallow the bait and pull the horse into the city. Under cover of darkness the Greeks slip out of the horse and open the gates to their comrades. Only hours later the mighty Troy goes up in flames.

But what if the myth of the horse is not true at all? New, groundbreaking findings show that one of the most famous stories of all time will probably have to be rewritten. The Trojan horse was probably not a horse at all. But then how did the Greeks outwit their enemies? And what history will we find in the history books in the future?


WRITER: Roland May DIRECTOR: Roland May, Christian Twente, Vania del Borgo, Paul Spillinger CAMERA: Martin Christ, Fabian Spuck EDITOR: Martin Kayser-Landwehr COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Veronica Pieper (ZDF), Peter Allenbacher (Arte)