Terra X: Rome on the Rhine

“Tear down the walls – kill all Romans.” Many Germanic tribes did not consider rebelling against the Roman rule in the Rhineland region. After all, they benefited from Roman civilisation. The Romans reigned over the region for 500 years. Under Emperor Constantine, Trier even became an imperial city and a centre of western Christianity. The series recalls the rise and fall of the Romans in the Rhineland. Prof. Matthias Wemhoff accompanies us on our search for signs of our Roman-Germanic heritage. An era that still defines Germany and France even today.

Part 1: War and Peace
Part 2: Heyday and threats
Part 3: Centre of the Empire


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend     DIRECTOR: Christian Twente     CAMERA: André Götzmann, Martin Christ, Joachim Seck    EDITOR: Dieter Dehn    MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Georg Graffe, Heike Schmidt