Terra X: Superstructures with Sebastian Koch

They shape the face of cities and landscapes and stand for genius, madness, and pride of their owners. They bear the traces of history and have written history. Designs that were ahead of their time and which today still let architects marvel at its design and implementation. Three buildings represent the highlights and tragedy of German history and whose appeal reaches far beyond the borders of the country. In an elaborate documentary series, we explore the secrets of these buildings that tell of the great challenges of architects and their ingenious solutions that set new standards in architecture. We reconstruct in stunning animation and elaborate scenic images, the individual phases of construction and the historical highlights. Current research projects and restoration work shows what intractable problems architects and artists stood before but also the challenges which today’s experts and contemporary specialists face. We accompany craftsmen, engineers, and scientists and see how they conserve monuments for future generations. Furthermore, we experience their difficult job in keeping the buildings alive. The series is presented and hosted by the acclaimed actor Sebastian Koch.

Superstructures Episode 1:
The Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne Cathedral is the most extraordinary building of its time. Nowhere else did anybody dare to implement a building of this size and thereby, succeed.

Superstructures Episode 2:
Neuschwanstein Castle
Inspired by Wagner’s legends and built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, this fairytale castle would become the most famous castle in the world. It would even serve as model for the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland. The technical sophistication of the facilities and the social protections of the workers which Ludwig had implemented were revolutionary at the time.

Superstructures Episode 3:
Frauenkirche Dresden
For decades, its ruins stood as testimony to the horrific bombing of Dresden in February 1945. By rebuilding it, it became a symbol of reconciliation. But what is the secret of the stone dome, which gives the church a unique face?