Terra X: The history of food

Fear of the potato, stuffed swan with flamingo, coffee police and soup in a fur pot: the history of food is rich in anecdotes, the most bizarre stories and fascinating facts. Tastes have varied greatly over time. Why do we eat what we eat, and how did these customs come about? Star chef Christian Rach explores the cultural history of cooking and eating. This three-course journey takes him to kitchens, gardens, bakeries, through palaces and hovels, to chefs and vintners, inventors and visionaries.

Man is the only living being to cook. And his ability to prepare food on a fire is as old as mankind himself. But over the centuries, cooking skills have changed and become more refined. Christian Rach takes viewers on a journey in time through the kitchens of Germany and other European countries. In the three episodes “Starter”, “Main course” and “Dessert”, he looks at ingredients and methods of preparation, at good and bad habits. He shows us what it meant at different times in history to serve up tasty food.

Part 1: Starter
Part 2: Main course
Part 3: Dessert