The Azores

Paradise Islands in the Atlantic

In the middle of the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean they suddenly appear: the Azores. A place of longing for sailors, adventurers and nature lovers. It is a world shaped by fire and water, with spectacular landscapes, lush vegetation and unique wildlife – above water and particularly under water. About 500 species of fish and more than 30 species of whales populate the turquoise coastal waters and make the Azores one of the best destinations for whale-watching.

Even in the eternal darkness of the deep sea it is very busy. But marine biologists are certain that most species are still unknown.
Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen from Germany have made it their life’s work to change this. During the summer months, they use every spare minute to document unknown life forms and hidden ecosystems with their submarine Lula 1000, and thus advance our understanding of the hidden world of the deep sea.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Thomas Lischak     CAMERA: André Götzmann     EDITOR: Jens Greuner   MUSIC: Ritchie Staringer     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Michael Petsch