The Magnificent 10

Season 2

The Magnificent 10 enters its second round! In traditionally casual and humorous style, the ranking show introduces a series of historically significant personalities, moments and places. We nominate fanatical eccentrics, sleazy places and mysterious conspiracies. We showcase deals, mistakes and junkies. Who wins?
The series is narrated once again by German actor Hannes Jaenicke.


Part 1: The most mysterious conspiracies in history
Part 2: The nastiest relatives in history
Part 3: The sleaziest places in history
Part 4: The biggest junkies in history
Part 5: The most puzzling chapters in history
Part 6: The greatest phonies in history
Part 7: The most disastrous deals in history
Part 8: The most famous crackpots in history
Part 9: The biggest mistakes in history
Part 10: The most extreme days in history